The Problem

    We would like to say cash registers have come a long way, but the truth is....they simply haven't. Don't ask us why, just rest assured we solved the problem.

    Our Solution

    A low cost feature rich point of sale system that lives on the most popular touch screen tablet to date.

Features That Make Sense

Tender is a no fuss, all-in-one restaurant management system. With features such as a built in fail-safes that protect you from power and internet outages to employee clock-in validation, Tender stands above the rest.


Tender stores your menu data in one central location, making it easy to change item descriptions and prices when necessary.


Track employees shift start/end time with the built in time-clock. enable optional "photo clock-is" for enhanced security.

Data is instantly synced between devices allowing for seamless transitioning between registers.

Adding or removing devices is easy as all of your restaurants data is automatically carried over.

No long term Contract

We will never force you to fall in love with our product... It will happen naturally.

Free Installation

If you're located in Chicago, we will physically hike to your location to get you up and running free of charge.

Free 24/7 Support

We only eat and breath. We understand sleeping is not an option when we have customers to support.

Don't break the bank

Tender was built with the purpose of driving down costs. We don't believe in spending thousands of dollars on a system that has features you will never use.

Left Out

Our registers are ready to go right out of the box. No immediate power source required ;)

View Hardware
Add Products

Tiles can be organized and customized to fit any vendor's needs. Attach images, define colors, adjust their position or combine them into groups. Editing tiles is simple and all changes are immediately synced across all devices in real-time.

Order Management

Quickly recall held orders or create new ones on the fly. Stop searching for customers lost order numbers and speed up your processing time.


Keep track of the cash in your drawer.


Void or comp items at the push of a button. All actions are logged for security.


Quickly jot down order details that are not otherwise defined from within the app.


Processing payments through tender is as simple as it gets. All transactions, cash or credit, are tracked and logged.

256-bit Encryption at the card readers head means your customers information is military grade safe

A rear passthrough power port allows the device to be plugged in at all times.

Support for card-not-present transactions.

End-to-end encryption ensures users card data is always safe.

Receipts are printed on standard thermal paper and the layout can be formatted to include custom logos and/or text.


Keep track of employees by allowing them to securely clock in or out via their picture and later use this information for populating the payroll.

Keep track of employees by allowing them to securely clock in or out right on the device.

Pictures of employees are automatically stored for added security and time validation.

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