TenderPOS Features

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Point of Sale, Telecomms and Chip and Pin

TenderPay Features

TenderConnect Features

TenderConnect Offers You The Complete Telecomms Solution

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Why not combine multiple services to save your business money.


  • TenderPOS Terminalincludes cash drawer, customer display and receipt printer.
  • TenderPOS Software
  • BackOffice In The Cloud
  • Unlimited Forum Support

TenderPOS, Pay and Connect

  • The Features of TenderPOS

    plus all the features of TenderPay
  • TenderConnectUnlimited Broadband
  • Phone Line and Number
  • Per Second Call Billing or Bundle Plans

TenderPOS and Pay

  • The Features of TenderPOS

  • Integrated or Standalone TenderPayChip and Pin Terminal
  • Merchant Account Setup
  • PCI DSS Setup
  • Competitive Processing Rates

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